High productivity with powerful milling
The machine is equipped with a power tool unit suitable for 8-inch chucks. It has a maximum capacity of 20 power tools, and supports the requirements of process integration through compound machining. In addition, in-process inventory has been reduced to zero by simultaneous front and back machining, delivering high productivity.
Aiming at high-accuracy machining by incorporating original technology
A unique spindle base cooling system (patented) that takes the circulation of coolant into consideration is equipped as standard and has achieved stable dimensional accuracy by suppressing thermal displacement of the bed and minimizing changes over time. In addition, a vibration damping construction (patented) with built-in functional materials that suppress vibration has been adopted, achieving high-accuracy machining. (Common with XW-130 / 200)
Improved operability for setup changes
A low center of gravity construction with the spindle center height restricted to 1,000 mm allows chucks and workpieces to be changed in a comfortable posture. The work can also be done in a bright machine interior since overhead lighting is featured as standard, and this helps to shorten working times and greatly improve operating efficiency. In addition, the adoption as standard of a swiveling operation panel and a pendant operation panel for the transfer loader enables simple and accurate teaching. (Common with XW-200)